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Car Club Member$21.00 (Includes GST)
Non Car Club Member$26.25 (Includes GST)


All sales are final, no refunds or returns.


When filling out the forms below, do not use the back button in your browser window to go back a page and make edits. Please proceed through the rest of the form, to complete your registration and contact us to notify us of any changes or updates you’d like to make.

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The auctioneer will use the information you provide to describe your vehicle during the auction. As well, we will use this information to describe your vehicle in detail on our website. The earlier this we have this information, plus photos of your vehicle, the longer it will be advertised on our website.

If you have supporting documentation that helps describe your vehicle's strong points, be sure to bring this to the auction to show prospective buyers. This includes receipts for new parts, restoration or repair work; original sales documents or proof of past owners or past use; independent insurance appraisal reports; historical photos, etc.



  1. Absolutely no commercial activity will be permitted within the designated vehicle area by car show registrants,
    with the sole exception being promotion of sanctioned Car Clubs. This includes, but is not limited to: For Sale signs in, on, or around vehicles; selling goods and/or services; & promoting businesses whether it be for-profit or non-profit.
  2. Vehicles must be in top form, clean, and in typical “show and shine” presentability.
  3. Participants are responsible to keep allotted display area free of garbage and all other obstructions; and must not infringe on display area of fellow participants.
  4. Tents/Awnings/Signs/Etc must be in “Social Areas” and must be sufficiently anchored
    with weights to withstand major wind-gusts; tent pegs are insufficient by themselves.
  5. Be respectful of all staff of Enthusiast Events, Spruce Meadows, & Third Party Vendors; and also to fellow attendees.
  6. Handbrakes must be applied, automatics in park, manuals in gear.
  7. Safety and care of personal property is paramount.
  8. Inability to abide by rules as stated may result in a verbal notification of infraction and/or dismissal from the premises.

IMPORTANT: Certain areas of the Spruce Meadows premises may experience horse traffic over the course of the day(s). Give right-of- way to horses, associated vehicles, and people. Do not rev engines so as to not spook animals. No burn-outs are permitted whatsoever. Please be courteous and safe! Release (Must Read Carefully and abide herein): I, the attendee, agree to insure my vehicle against loss, damage, and liability. I understand that accidents may occur from time to time and agree to assume the risk that damage and/or injury may occur either to personal property or myself and/or others as a result of my attendance and participation at the Enthusiast Events’ Horsepower at Spruce Meadows Classic Car Event. I indemnify and hold harmless any and all staff, officers, directors, and agents of Enthusiast Ltd, Okotoks Collector Car Auction Ltd. (OCCA), The Specialty Vehicle Association of Alberta (SVAA), The stated “Feature Club”, and Spruce Meadows in the case that such damage and/or injury should occur as a result of my participation. By entering my vehicle and signing below, I agree that I have read and agree to all rules and terms listed above and agree to release of all liability.



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If you have any problems with your submission please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you